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Things To Consider When Sweeping For Hidden Cameras

Sweeping For Hidden Cameras

Sweeping For Hidden Cameras

Our societies have become used to the presence of cameras filming our movements. Whether it is via CCTV on a bus or via a police surveillance van driving down the road, these forms of filmed surveillance are not hidden and allow us to see that we are being filmed. But when it comes to discovering or suspecting hidden cameras watching us, this changes everything. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some counter surveillance tips when it comes to sweeping for hidden cameras.

The problem when it comes to hidden cameras is that some lower quality options can be purchased for a small amount of money. The cost of these ‘spy cameras’ mean that hidden cameras can be easily purchased and, therefore, makes them more prevalent. Hidden cameras that film you without your consent in a place where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy are illegal. The problem, however, is proving that you have been filmed by a hidden camera. This is because such cameras aren’t generally placed where you would expect them to be. Mirrors, smoke detectors, bookcases, lamps and many other appliances and items can house a small hidden camera.  So if you are suspicious of someone filming you, scrutinise your surroundings. Does anything look different than usual? Has anything been moved? Where are the places you don’t normally sit or the appliances that you don’t normally use? These are often the places where hidden cameras are placed. While this sweep for hidden cameras can bring up results, it’s also good to know what you’re looking for when dealing with hidden cameras. Thankfully, when performing such a bug sweep, there are a few tell-tale signs of surveillance.

When examining electronic items, look for any suspicious lights, lenses or wires. These may be connected to a hidden camera. Another clever technique suited to sweeping for hidden cameras is to switch all the lights off in a room. Darkness obviously exaggerates any light sources so look for any small LED lights – generally coloured red or green – that could indicate the location of a camera that is currently recording. Whether you see any lights or not, look at any specific cracks or holes in the wall or ceiling. These can be prime, inconspicuous locations to place any sort of bug or hidden camera. A mobile phone can also help detect hidden cameras. Free apps can be download that can apply a filter to your phone camera in order to detect infrared lights which are, generally, not visible to the human eye. Your phone’s light can also be shined around a room in order to help spot any reflective surfaces – such as a camera lens. Lastly, mobile phones can also pick up electromagnetic fields. Make a call, stick it on speaker-phone and sweep the phone around the room. When the phone is close to any electrical device, the line will start to develop static. All of these techniques can be helpful, but there’s no doubt that a professional detector of hidden cameras is the best way to find such devices. While expensive to buy such tools, you can instead hire a specialist sweeping company how have access to such tools.

If you believe someone has been or is filming you, there is no substitute to getting a professional in to perform bug detection and who can use their tools when it comes to sweeping for hidden cameras.

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