TSCM Bug Sweep – Understanding Phone Bugging

Your phone is often the key to your life, particularly your mobile phone. Modern mobiles hold everything from your contacts to your saved Internet searches, and a great deal in-between. The data on your phone makes you vulnerable if it is accessed, and often only a TSCM bug sweep will tell you just how vulnerable you have become.

Just how likely it is that your phone has been compromised will depend in part on the type of mobile that you own; some are much easier to bug than others. It will also depend on what the perpetrator has to gain by going through the potentially lengthy and expensive process of gaining access to your phone. However, once installed such bugs can give them access to your emails, SMS notifications, your GPS position, and the ability to intercept your calls and text messages. Any of this information can be used to discover more about you, your company, or your daily routines. Key signs that your phone has been tampered with, and that you need a TSCM service, include the phone being warm to the touch when it hasn’t been used, shortening battery life, unusual noises coming from your phone, and it becoming slower than usual to respond to simple commands. You may also notice that callers are diverted to your answer phone, even when you are not using the phone. Unexplained data usage and increased bills that you have no knowledge of are also key signs that it is time to invest in counter surveillance.

If your phone has been subjected to such an attack, then there is a chance that so have other areas of your life. Be safe and sure with a TSCM bug sweep from Advanced Sweeping. We respond to all enquiries quickly. Email us on info@sweeping.co.uk, or visit https://sweeping.co.uk/. Just remember not to use your mobile or home computer.