Counter surveillance can be something that people think is purely the arena of spies and the security services of the world. You may ask why on earth would they want to spy on you? However, that would be an incorrect assumption and one that many people make. There are a number of genuine reasons behind why someone, or some people, may be spying on you; and it most certainly isn't just restricted to criminal and political reasons. In this post, we will discuss why you, or your business, may be subject to surveillance and what you can do about it.

Why Do You Need Things Like Counter Surveillance Sweep and Detection?

Many people don't want to believe that they are of interest to others; seeing spying as something that is only used to prevent crime. If you've not committed any crime, why do you need to worry about surveillance? However, things are more complicated than that. There is a plethora of reasons why someone may be listening to you or to your business. Firstly, there are corporate reasons. Your business may be researching a particular concept or product and rivals in your sector may want to find out what you are doing in order to either steal the concept or be prepared for announcements from you that affect their share prices. Secondly, there are personal reasons. People may want to spy on you to find out what you are doing or who you are meeting. This is something that can happen when you are in a relationship, or have just broken up, with someone who is possessive. Ex-lovers and ex-spouses may want to find out what you are doing by bugging your home and listening to your phone calls – perhaps in the hope of finding out if you have someone new in your life that isn't them. And, finally, someone may want to blackmail you or catch you in a compromising situation. The information that they get from this bugging can lead them to extort you for money or threaten to publicly tell your secrets. These are just a few reasons why you may want to consider bug sweeping.

Counter Surveillance Sweep

What Is A Counter Surveillance Sweep

So, what do we mean by a bug sweep? Well, sweeping is a process whereby someone with technical and theoretical understanding of the art of surveillance comes to your business or your home to scan particular rooms, areas or devices to work out whether you are the subject of surveillance. This can be an extremely cathartic and helpful process for you and anyone who shares the area. The powerful notion of someone listening to our conversations is something that revolts everyone and the process of bug sweep detection can bring about a sense of clarity and peace of mind. If a bug is detected in a sweep, you also have a number of options: you can either report it to the proper legal authorities or you can make the legal enquiries you feel necessary. Obviously, when you are considering employing the services of a bug sweep, you'll want to keep this process confidential. Talking aloud about the process of getting a bug sweep tends not to be very conducive, for very obvious reasons, in catching the guilty party. Discretion is an important part of any Counter Surveillance Sweep, and you'll want to make sure you approach professionals with the experience to help both advice and perform the sweep.

The Methods Employed In Bug Detection

While it's tempting to try and learn about the basics of bug detection, so you can perform it yourself, you will not have peace of mind until a professional comes in and does the job. The work involved in surveillance detection is rather painstaking and complex. This is because people who are spying successfully are doing so by utilising tools that are very discreet. Professionals will not leave anything to chance and their experience allows them to identify areas and items that might be compromised. Few experts discuss the details of their counter surveillance, as this could be counterproductive, with the spying individual attempting to bypass any vulnerabilities in the methods. However, preparation before a bug sweep is key to its success, and this includes considering a range of questions including why you believe you are under surveillance? Has particular information been leaked? Have there by any changes in regards to your telephone line? Do things seemed to have moved around? Is anything missing either physically or digitally? This information can be extremely valuable to a sweep team and may hint at particular sensitivities in your home or office. A sweeping company will use this information to move forward and evaluate your threat level. After the sweep is complete, you will generally receive a report detailing the findings and making suggestions if particular vulnerabilities are spotted.

What To Look For In A Counter Surveillance Sweep Company

So how do you find a sweeping company with this level of professionalism, discretion and communication? A good sweeping company specialising in TSCM service (which stands for technical surveillance counter-measures) will always ensure that your situation is not compromised further. They will, first of all, advise you to contact them via a phone away from the place where you think you are being bugged. This may be via a payphone or a cheap, new mobile phone with a pay-as-you-go SIM card. They'll also advise you to limit activities in the area where you believe a bug is present. Whilst in this area, you should avoid any confidential or compromising conversations either with staff or, in personal cases, loved ones. A good sweeping company will also be with you promptly. It's a stressful, vulnerable situation to be in and a good company will understand. They won't judge you for believing you are under surveillance – after all, that's why they're there. And, as with everything in life, experience is important. You want someone who is able to adapt to a number of situations, which also allows them to think more creatively regarding ways in which you may have been put under surveillance. At Advanced Sweeping, we provide all of TSCM security services to our clients. We work day, night, overtly or covertly at very reasonable prices.

Counter surveillance sweep can be done through many different methods, including:

  • Hiding or obscuring information on a computer or network
  • Encrypting data and communications
  • Hiring private investigators to spy on someone else
  • Disrupting signals with noise
  • Using counterintelligence agents to infiltrate the other side


So, for a sympathetic ear and a professional approach that works around your needs, Advanced Sweeping is your number one choice for counter surveillance and de-bugging. We also offer periodical inspections at a good price so that you can be consistently satisfied that your secrets won't be going anywhere. Our experienced team always keep up-to-date on new and emerging threats to your privacy. To find out more about the services that we offer, as well as our pricing, please visit or email us via