Vehicle Warnings

Is my vehicle being monitored or tracked?

We can and will locate GPS and audio and visual equipment placed on cars. GPS trackers can be difficult to locate using just a RF detector or GSM locator as they tend to not constantly transmit a signal therefore you will not be able to locate them using an ordinary RF detector unless you know exactly when they will be accessed.

If the person using the GPS tracker is accessing and pulling information from the unit (this is usually via a GPS signal) then and only then will you be able to detect the signal.

A vehicle powered tracker is normally ideal for the eavesdropper as they will not need to be accessed again in order to change the batteries.

Passive trackers or GPS loggers require more attention and are less expensive and have no monthly fees. They can be placed on the vehicle and then removed at a later stage and the information can then be transferred to the perpetrators computer.

Alternatively, GPS trackers need to have a view of the sky or be positioned in a way that they can get their signal passed through a plastic or non-metal bumper. This can be achieved through fibreglass, glass and plastic, yet any metal of any kind will severely limit the tracking ability of the device. Therefore, a spare tyre area could be a bad place for the GPS, but under a plastic bumper would be a great place to get a good signal.

Below we try and list some of the areas that you can look for a Tracker as these areas are the ones that are most commonly in deployment.

  • Under the radiator at the front of the car away from any heat source though
  • Behind the bumper at the rear of the car
  • Underneath the front seats inside the car and here you may find an audio device or lead that could also lead to the seat pocket holders
  • In the corner of the wheel wells at each wheel point
  • In the rear of the car under the wheel axle underneath the car placed away from the exhaust and wheel circumference
  • Tied on under the car with other fittings other than magnets. If someone had only a short time to place a GPS tracker it has to be in a relatively easy location to get to.

Access to the car?

  • Was the car made available to any interested or unknown parties?
  • What sort of access would anyone have to that area?
  • Was it parked in a place that you were a little unhappy with it being there?
  • Have you loaned the car out to anyone unusual lately?
  • Where was the car parked at night and for how long?
  • Is it always parked in the same street and is it easily seen there?

If someone has all the time in the world it can be very well hidden.

We normally advise taking your vehicle to a garage of our choice and up on a ramp so we can inspect it thoroughly.

We will use the options above and many others we have learned over the years and we also use devices such as RF detectors and GSM locaters plus infra-red lights and other tools from our TSCM tool box.