New threats


American based anti-virus software firm Kaspersky has warned against charging your smartphone via public USB outlets and even your own PC or Mac.


New products are entering the market. These are WIFI store and forward devices made by Austek. They present many problems to the average victim and will store audio and forward this on by hopping onto the nearest WIFI at unusual down times whilst trying to remain undiscovered.


Wireless password and the encryptions used to break them is covered in a very good article from Acrylic. They explain the need for having a good combination of password character information, especially needed in today’s age where hackers are looking to break into many unauthorised systems.

From around the world:

Information and confirmation on some of the newest and unusual and even bizarre surveillance and TSCM threats from around the world.

We are all aware of the systematic attacks by “wronged” partners ex or not and the atrocious meddlesome neighbour, and even the corporate spying that we often uncover but here we take a look at some of these newer more untold threats and the new phenomenon’s happening around the world and highlight them in video analysis and let you make your own mind up.

Ones listed below range from WIFI security to mobile spying software that is becoming increasing poplar, and everyday ones of people finding bugs around the property.

We here at Advanced will endeavor to find and research all new threats and keep on top of current trends and applications and help our clients accordingly.

We will reveal more on these issues and we will update this page regularly.

A you tube very short clip of how a real couple woke up to a electronic bug found in their apartment.
A realistic look at how bugs can be placed around an office.
Mind control, and how targeted individuals are coming forward worldwide.
A web written Story on how Russian customs have found Chinese made Irons with hidden in built Wi-Fi chips
WIFI security, nice clear and concise explanation in how WIFI can be exposed.
Sorry for letting them snoop? Dell apologizes for ‘inconvenience’ caused by the USA’s National security checks

The NSA in America are being exposed to the amount and severity of checks they are imposing worldwide on people and their Pcs or tablets and smart phones, interestingly enough the ramifications are not surprising to the packed crowd in Hamburg Germany.