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About Us | Professional Sweeping and Security Services | Advanced Sweeping

The team comprise of TSCM electronic, mechanical and acoustic engineers, all of our specialists are trained and offer high awareness of espionage and information collection techniques to excel in their expertise in detection.

Our technicians will conduct a visual, physical and electronic search. If security problems are found our team are able to gather the evidence so that you can make legal representation.

Should you require, a security report will be included, after the sweep has been completed. We work closely with clients and are able to advise on all steps and methods that need to be undertaken once our job is completed. We offer packages to our clients who require occasional, subsequent sweeps or are looking to employ us at multiple locations.

We work within many different fields and situations from the Boardroom to homes, retail and manufacturing industries, VIP’s and dignitaries.

When contacting us, we ask that you do so away from the suspected area. Should you feel that your landline or mobile telephone have been compromised, please use an alternative method of communication.

One of our friendly, professional team will direct your call accordingly. We will discuss the situation with you and advise on the issues that have arisen.

During this initial consultation we can determine the threat level we think you are presently under. Should it be required, we can come and check the area before we do the sweep. We will arrange a convenient time to visit and sweep the areas. Giving you the clarity needed.

Please feel free to ask us anything you need to know and call or email us when you need our services.

Call us securely on: 0845 512 1552.

Alternatively, contact us via our contact form and we can call you back.

If you want to email us from our contact page we will gladly call or email you at a designated time.

Call us today and sleep easy tomorrow.
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