Warning signs

It is a concern that people have been “bugged” inside their home or office with a listening device or camera. This is obviously our core work and it is so traumatic to our clients when they find they are being watched or listened too.

This is becoming an even greater possibility with the advancement of technology and the ease by which sophisticated equipment can be obtained or even made.

We will list some of the issues we find and some the solutions we suggest:

Ask yourselves why am I a potential target, what information or satisfaction can someone glean from me? If eavesdropping on you can increases someone’s wealth or influence then there is a strong likelihood in today’s society that someone has decided to risk the reward. Keep in mind that people with money and power and access to sensitive or classified information are at personal risk and if you are in the middle of a business struggle and have ideas and new concepts you are at risk. If you are getting divorced and even newly dating there is a possibility that you are being watched and listened to also.

We also notice that certain professions are wiser to this and are purchasing a wide range of equipment that can intercept this information. They may be IT professionals, law enforcement officers, PI’s or friends with PI’s, or even military personnel.

Some of the warning signs: Business / Home / Vehicles / Communications