Mobile forensics

If you suspect that your mobile phone is potentially being used to trace you and / or listen to your conversation, track your position or read your SMS or emails we can help.

Using our software diagnostics equipment we can conduct an on-site Mobile Phone Malware & Spyware Analysis and check for anything that may be installed on your device.

Using someone else’s mobile phone as a tracking or eavesdropping device is a breach of the Surveillance Devices Act 2007 and we will endeavour to reveal the identity of any tracking devices that may have been installed.

We can also provide you with an Extraction Report upon completion which can be presented in all Courts and Tribunals. We do this by making an image or clone of the mobile phone or electronic device and then analyse the data. We do not modify the data in any way.

Mobile phone usage worldwide has dramatically increased in recent years and as such the ease of communications anytime and anywhere has led to this investigation tool being regularly utilised in a large number of UK cases we investigate.

The inevitable trace of information from mobile phone usage points to clues about people’s whereabouts, their actions and intentions and ultimately delivers the need for mobile phone forensics.

We suggest you contact us to discuss these requirements and we will arrange for you to either visit us or for us to visit you and provide you with the information you need to have the peace of mind you deserve.