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Welcome to our website, we are Advanced Sweeping and have been working in the technical surveillance industry since 1996.
We work to give ultimate assurance to both individuals at home and businesses who may have security and information concerns.


Realistic Pricing & Terms
Operatives Available on Short Notice
Advanced Awareness of all New Threats
Working Day & Night Covertly or Overtly
Full Survey + Security Reports Available After Sweeps
Highly Professional Equipment and Experienced Operatives

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25 March 2023

Phone hacking and stingray interceptions

We at Advanced sweeping get asked many times how the use of illegal spy monitoring can be used against a person and if particularly their

14 May 2022

The Basics of a TSCM Sweep and who might want one

Are you concerned that someone is listening in on your conversations or has personal or company information been leaked – you may want to consider

08 May 2020

Keeping your information secure during COVID-19 lockdown

Privacy and security challenges are side effects of this pandemic that businesses and individuals must address. The immediate concern of protecting health and well-being during

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