Surveillance Detection Devices – Protecting Corporate Secrets

Staying ahead of the competition often means ensuring that you have information that they don’t. Whether this is related to new products, technologies or potential customer bases, it is important to keep it secret if it is to be of benefit. Without the use of surveillance detection devices, this could be harder than you think.

To succeed in business, some companies and individuals will go far beyond what is legal or acceptable to find out what it is that gives you your advantage. These activities could involve anything from bribery and theft to the placement of surveillance equipment in your place of business. The latter is often used to provide the information needed for either, or both, of the other options to take place. The ability to counter surveillance operations, such as the use of hidden cameras, requires you to take affirmative action. You should have secure premises with security checks on all individuals entering and exiting the building. It is particularly important that any outside contractors are checked and their presence in the building is verified before they begin work. The same is true of casual, temporary or agency staff; they may inadvertently let information slip as they work at so many different locations. At any point that you become concerned that there has been a lapse in security, or concerns rise over the amount of information that your competitors seem to have, you should begin to investigate straight away. This should include hiring professionals to undertake bug detection sooner rather than later.

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