TSCM Security Services – How They Work To Keep You Safe

There is a great deal more to counter surveillance work than just finding and removing bugging devices. A trained operative within TSCM security services will undertake a range of tasks in order to maintain your safety and restore your privacy. Read on to find out more.

Counter surveillance work begins from the moment you phone your chosen company. As soon as they answer the phone, every question they ask and comment they make will be aimed at ensuring your security. This will include checking that you are calling on a secure line away from your home and place of work. It will also include gathering information about you, your family and background, your place of work, and the nature of your work. All of this will provide information on the level and type of threat that you face. This will allow the TSCM service to make decisions about what you need to do next to protect yourself, while not alerting the perpetrator, and how quickly they need to undertake a sweep of your premises. It will also provide information on whether your workplace and other areas you visit need to be swept as well. Combined with the sweep itself and the devices that are discovered, the team will be able to provide you with more detailed information about your threat level, and offer suggestions as to how you proceed from this point. This will include the possibility of being able to trace the equipment back to its owner, find out why you have been targeted, and how to take legal actions to stop it from continuing.

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