Home security

Home checks are often required, and undertaken every week at Advanced Sweeping. We use the same high specification technology, and discretionary tactics, that our business clients receive. Ensuring that our services are second to none.

After we have established the threat level and the speed to which you require our services, we will schedule an appointment for you with our Technicians. An adviser will be in contact with you to give general, and sometimes crucial advice, on the role we will be undertaking. We will ask that you carry out certain things before we arrive. We will meet you outside of your premises to discuss the specifications with the Field Technicians before they enter the premises.

On site they will work very quietly and unassumingly, working thoroughly, and build from a base room.

The cost and rates for a full TSCM home sweep are dependent and vary on a number of differing factors, such as:

  • The threat level indication.
  • The size and areas to be checked.
  • The amount of cabling and systems to be analysed.
  • The travel time to the job and the likelihood of overnight continuation.
  • The more frequent the inspections the more flexibility on cost to the client.

Close communications and mobile devices would first be powered down and powered off, we will then systematically work from room to room, using every device at our disposal. This will include spectrum analysers, nonlinear junction detectors, RF and GSM locating devices and thermal imagery amongst many other equipment not listed here on our site.

We are not reliant on certain branded equipment or tied in to any one manufacturer. We are a professional TSCM agency with expert knowledge, friendly staff and first class equipment to match. We are very competitive and are able to offer reductions should the circumstances allow.

All of our initial quotes are based on a flat rate. By using a flat rate structure we can ensure that there are no hidden fees or extra charges.

If you are unable to call us directly, please use the Contact Us form. One of our friendly team will call you, at your convenience.

We will ask question, the basic information that we require is the timeframe, when you require the sweep? How large is the area that you require sweeping, whether we are to act covertly or overtly and the reasons that have led you to make contact.

Please be prepared to answer these questions. Without the required information we will not be able to provide an accurate quote.

Please contact us for more information and call us securely on: 0345 0343945, alternatively you can email us here on our contact page.