Comms Warnings

We are often asked, is my mobile secure? And how likely is it that my mobile or iPhone is bugged? Well the answer lies in many of the questions we would ask you when you call us from a different, secure phone. It is difficult to say as the type of phone you use is notable and the significance of your information in relation to others must be noted. Installing covert software on your phone can be expensive and time consuming but if the perpetrator is determined then it will be tried.

We will attempt to help you see what is important to look for and to note what the software can do.

Benefits of eavesdroppers can be:

  • Email copies held and forwarded on
  • Call interception where the user would listen to the calls live
  • SMS notifications both in and outwards
  • Immediate notification when calls coming in
  • Reading of any text messages in and out
  • Immediate notification when text messages sent or replied to
  • GSM Mapping and attempts to locate the target
  • Alerting to SIM swapping and new numbers installed

But 10 signs that your phone can be altered or affected are:

  • Your phone is often warm when it is not been used
  • The battery life has rapidly shortened of late
  • Your phone is making noises that are unusual
  • Callers are sometimes diverted to your answerphone when you are not on the phone
  • Your phone is slow in responding to simple requests
  • Your phone is not turning off as quickly as it used to
  • Your phone has started to receive weird text messages with characters and numbers like 4675%^$$%%*&
  • Your bill is showing text and data that you cannot explain
  • The call durations are wrong and shows more usage that it should

What you can do to help yourself now or in the future:

  • Do not let your phone out of your sight for too long in any places that you should not
  • Do not let anyone download any apps or new devices on the phone
  • Do not “jailbreak” your iPhone Bugs, as that will make highjacking much easier.
  • Do not accept a new phone as a “gift” especially from anyone who you mistrust or who can gain from your personal information
  • Check your battery status regularly and install a battery app to check regularly your battery life
  • Use the most restrictive settings in your applications.
  • Change your SIM’s and phones once in a while.
  • OR Use a phone that cannot hold spy software, an inexpensive non windows phone would be sufficient
  • Consider using a different prepaid phone
  • Lock your phone with a strong password with more than 4 characters and change it regularly
  • Reinstall your operating system if you are doubtful on your current phone and keep updated with software updates from the reputable phone manufactures only

Communications on Telephones:


Landlines can be susceptible to bugging from inside the house and outside the house, inside the sockets and outside and of course from source and at the telephone exchange.

Are sounds coming from your handset even when it’s hung up? This can be caused by a bypass switch which can turn the telephone receiver into a listening microphone and also a speaker. They can listen to everything you say or do within feet of the telephone.

All our home service checks will check all landlines in the properties.

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If you think your phone is affected then have us securely check it.

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