This is the process of scanning a particular room or area and devices in order to ascertain whether anyone is using monitoring equipment.

If we find bugs on client’s property we can advise our clients to register it with the Police or make suitable legal enquiries. It can be a stressful time when suspecting these elements and we are happy to help our clients in this difficult period.

Alternatively, it can also be a relief to reveal that the area is clean and we are sure that nothing is operating illegally, this in turn gives our clients peace of mind and clarity.

The answer to this is that there is no easy way to tell. However, there are a number of tell-tale signs: is information about your business clearly being leaked? Has your telephone changed in sound recently? Have you noticed that your furniture or desk items do not seem to be in quite the right place? Have the settings changed on your laptop or desktop computer? Are files missing? Have your door locks suddenly become stiff or difficult to operate? Have you had any unexpected callers or visitors to the office or home? Please see our Sweep Advice concerning problematic areas or situations.

A simple room scan of approximately 15′ x 13′ including telephone lines, can be done quite quickly. Please contact us for further information. However, a simple sweep, level 1 threat, at a 1 bedroom apartment will cost approximately £950.00 plus VAT.
Please call us from a secure line for further advice and cost details. (Always call us from a secure line away from the area to be swept).

We recommend that you continue to conduct your business as normal but do not discuss sensitive issues in the confines of the business premises or over the telephone. Do not attempt to tamper with any equipment unnecessarily.

We will assess your threat level and discuss your suspicions and fears and recommend the way forward. You will be assigned an Account Manager to deal with the team and an Engineer who will attend to inspect and undertake the sweep. We will normally undertake the sweep at an agreeable time to you and your lifestyle.

After the sweep has been conducted a thorough post operation report can be provided detailing any findings, all relevant results and any schedules suggested with an analysis of the areas concerned.

Our work is very confidential and we ultimately realise that all the work we do can be undone if the situation becomes public.

We normally have one point of contact with one member of your staff and we work closely with that employee and will never betray your confidence. We can also, if you require, act covertly around the sweep and our appearances at the properties will not raise an eyebrow.

On some occasions we can disguise ourselves as PC or electrical operatives acting in a normal manner.

We are often are booked to attend offices during the weekends and in evening slots working through the night if required, or by arriving in unbranded vehicles.

The simple answer is that you probably won’t initially be aware that you have been bugged. Here are just some of the subtle signs that your information security has been compromised:

  • People seem to know things about you and your organisation that are not public knowledge.
  • Something is out of place in your home or office or you suffer sudden, inexplicable loss of custom.

See our further tips on the warnings page.

No in the UK it is legal, although some countries do not allow the process so you should always check the law in your country regarding these services.

We would be happy to help and think of ourselves as well qualified to be your first point of contact on all other security matters. In the last 20 years we have worked closely with dozens of specialists, analysts and professional investigators. Our contacts are wide ranging and we know “who is best and who will be required”. We know who will be the right fit and solution to your requirements.

Our upbringing in general trade and industrialised security matters is broad. We understand our clients and our clients’ needs and maintain a very wide knowledge on security products. Our clients appreciate the first class service of our “call us first” policy. It saves money and lots of time and effort. If you would like to have our team to rely on and to contact for any demanding or unusual security questions or dilemma’s then feel free to do so.

Please get in contact: call us from a secure line or send us an e-mail or fill in the form on our Contact Page and we will call you back.

Yes, we provide a service that will either detect a situation present and possibly a bug in operation or supply peace of mind that you are not being monitored.

Usually very quickly and on a periodic inspection we would schedule a suitable time. The more time allowance we have the more easily it would be to schedule an exact time of day. Our regular clients book their revisits up to 12 months in advance.

In households we would ask you to move as much of the furniture away from the walls and to have keys for all doors and closets. We would also ask if you have a step ladder on site (although we can bring our own).
We will not ask you to discuss matters on site but would normally speak to you away from the property and maybe in our vehicle and/or in a neutral place before we enter the building. We will use a room as a base centre normally at the bottom of the house and work upwards.

We suggest you conduct your affairs normally and do not reveal any suspicions, limit personal conversations and keep detailed notes on anything unusual. You may wish to plan or think forward to what you will need to do if we do find a device and what actions you may need to take.

Yes, our technicians are trained in some of the best equipment in the industry, some companies from the investigations industry will normally give false assurances to customers and offer to come and do a job without the right equipment and suggest that is maybe all they will need. That unfortunately is extremely worrying as the level of protection they offer is wholly inadequate and does not offer anywhere near enough to help the customer and resolve or search for any issues, If you have a security problem this ultimately makes The situation worse. Our Technicians will attend with many devices from many areas and not be reliant on one manufacturer thus giving a full service which will include the use of NLJD’s and top professional RF and GSM detectors, thermal imagery and spectrum analysis. Also full telephone checking systems and numerous devices we would prefer to keep guarded, but rest assured our Technicians will be carrying many pelican cases with many different apparatus that will cover different sectors and angles that the eavesdroppers can use in penetrating homes and businesses.

Yes as stated above we can and although this takes more time to allocate a slot and position it is something we do often especially for small and large businesses.

Yes of course we can. Please request this if you are asking us to check your home or vehicles, as we do this normally on business sweeps and we will look at all security and Technical aspects and make recommendations in the areas we have looked at or discussed with our contact, When we have found a device we can, if the client wishes enter that device into a chain of custody with us.

There are many devices on the market now and a simple search under spy bugs on eBay or even Amazon can illicit many of them, the way they are built and their inner workings which of course separates them from the real innocent devices they often imitate, Very popular for the last 2-4 years are sim activated devices which are normally built into power laden chargers and three way plugs, adaptors and sockets, Also very common these days is WIFI and Bluetooth attacks and store and forward objects.

Yes we can and yes we do, We like to search all areas physically and we operate a policy of making sure that there may be signs of a device being used even if the device has now long gone, We will not stop on any search just because one covert audio bug has been found, we will continue to look for others and often that can be the case.

Yes we can, and we use specialised dog teams if needed for further information please contact us.

No we don’t but we do use other more specialised IT firms to run these alongside any work we do.

Yes we can and please ask us for more details on this service if required.