Surveillance Detection For Your Vehicle

Your home and office are not the only places that are at risk of being bugged; your vehicle is at risk too. By planting listening or tracking devices, or hacking its computer systems, individuals can find out a great deal of information. Avoid this by learning about surveillance detection for your vehicle.

Your vehicle is at risk of electronic bugs and hacking for a number of reasons. This type of surveillance enable individuals to follow and build up a picture of your daily movements, without the risk of physically following you and being seen. It also allows them to continue to listen in on conversations and monitor phone calls. In extreme cases where access to the car’s computer has been hacked, the individual in question can also take control of the car’s processes that are controlled through the computer. There are a number of reasons why you could be at risk, from holding sensitive work information to a jealous partner wanting to know your movements. Signs that your car has been tampered with include unusual faults in the cars computer systems; it may take longer to process requests or for the GPS to kick in. In terms of bug detection, if you notice unusual or out of place wires on your vehicle, or magnetic boxes stuck to the underside, then it is time to call a counter surveillance expert. It is key that this is not done in close proximity to the vehicle or using a phone that is connected to the vehicle in any way, including through bluetooth. Forgetting this could alert the individual that placed the devices that you are aware of their presence.

If you find any evidence of tampering with your vehicle that makes you think you are being bugged, then you need Advanced Sweeping. Our team of experts are available to carry out surveillance detection at short notice and at a reasonable price. Find out more about our rates and services by visiting