TSCM Sweeps Are For People Just Like You

Too often people think that if they have been placed under surveillance they have to deal with the situation on their own. This is not the case, and companies who work in counter surveillance and undertake TSCM sweeps are there for the ordinary person on the street just as much as they are for the rich and famous.

Technical surveillance counter measures are required by anyone who has been placed under surveillance without their consent. These measures interfere with the electronic devices placed by the spying individual, and allow for them to be found and finally removed. A wide range of people find themselves in need of such a TSCM service. Reasons range from someone becoming a victim of an individual who gets personal gratification through watching the sexual relations of others. On occasion, this type of surveillance is also undertaken to make money either through distributing and selling the images, or through using them to coerce money from the victim. Jealousy is another strong motive behind the placing of bugging equipment in a person’s home or car. A partner or even ex-partner can trace the person’s every move, find out who they are talking to or seeing through the use of cameras and recording devices. Where jealousy is a potential motive, counter surveillance needs to happen quickly and the source of the bugs found and passed onto the proper authorities to ensure that the victim’s security is maintained and their level of risk is not increased. There is also the possibility of an individual being watched because of their job, or due to the access they have to certain materials. In these cases, their employer should also undergo a security sweep.

If any of these even potentially applies to you, then you should contact Advanced Sweeping to find out your level of risk and your need for one of our TSCM sweeps. Our team can be reached securely on 0845 512 1552, or you can visit the website https://sweeping.co.uk/ and leave us a confidential message.