Bug sweeping can be a messy business if you don't know what you're doing. It can involve systematically working your way through every one of your possessions or office items to find any hint of evidence. While your best bet will always be to hire a professional counter surveillance company, there are things you can do by yourself to prepare for such a sweep. Often by working out the motive of why you would be under surveillance, or by working out what has been leaked, you can track back and better understand the source of the information leak then seek professional assistance.

The Basics Of Counter Surveillance And Bug Sweeps

When undertaking the task of sweeping for bugs or Electronic bug sweep for hidden cameras it is, quite obviously, a daunting and gargantuan task. However, as mentioned previously, you can make things easier for yourself before the experts arrive. A systematic search of every room in your house or business premises is going to take a lot of time without professional equipment. There's also the possibility of fatigue setting in – meaning that you become sloppy halfway through your search. This might lead to you missing something quite important. By writing down the reasons behind why you think you are under surveillance, you can scale down the magnitude of the task. Has someone from outside your company got wind of a concept you're putting together? Or did your ex-spouse turn up unexpectedly in the same place where you were meeting a date? In both those situations, you can better work out where the leak has occurred by thinking through where the information is stored, who knows about the information and when/where it was discussed. In the case of a company leak, you can consult minutes to work out when the specific information was discussed that was leaked. From there, you can work out which room a bug may be in. In the case of the surprise meeting with an ex-spouse, it could be that your date phoned you to organise plans. In this instance, this whittles it down to the phone you used and where that phone was located.

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Benefits Of Bug Sweeping Services

Despite all of the ideas and efforts you can perform to look for a bug or hidden camera, you still need to know what you should be looking for. Many people expect bugs to look obvious. However, even since the 1980’s bugging war between the USSR and America, bugs and hidden cameras have become tiny, fairly innocuous looking devices that won't necessarily raise your suspicions – particularly if they are located within electricals and wall sockets. How can you find what you're looking for when you don't actually know what you're looking for whilst bug sweeping? This is why it is vital to take on a company offering bug sweeping services when you have suspicions. Not only do they have the experience of knowing what to look out for, and where to look for it, they also have the correct tools to help find hidden bugs, transmitters and tape recorders. Buying this equipment costs you time and money. If you perform the sweep yourself, you will be left unsatisfied by your efforts – mainly because you will be thinking about what you could have missed. With the right sweeping company to help you out, there's very little chance of anything slipping through their experienced hands. It will give you far more peace of mind to have an expert come in and give your premises the seal of approval than allowing paranoid thoughts to stew. One such company that can help you achieve this clarity is Advanced Sweeping who provide services for both individuals and businesses.


When it comes to performing your own bug sweeping, you're never going to have complete clarity. If you don't find something, can you trust your efforts? With a professional counter surveillance company, you don't have a middle ground – you know they are going to find bugs if there are any. And if there aren't any bugs, you've got a professional putting your mind at ease. So don't leave yourself guessing – contact Advanced Sweeping today by calling 0845 512 1552 or via info@sweeping.co.uk. To get additional info, you can visit their website - https://sweeping.co.uk/.