Vehicle security

If you contact us for a vehicle check we may ask that you bring your vehicle to us. We will place it onto a ramp so that we may carry out thorough checks. These include visual and physical inspections, as well as an RF and GSM sweep.

We will also undertake diagnostic checks. Should a tracker be hardwired onto the vehicle, subsequent searches will follow all electrical installations.

We use thermal imagery and other tools in order to hone in on all physical aspects, to uncover any passive devices that do not release any signals or indications of their placement. On our site we will use an electrical trained mechanic to look over any hard wired placements.

The equipment we use is part of a large inspection kit that carries the same high specifications that the tools our corporate and domestic clients have available to them. This ensures that our best available services are implemented.

Getting started

When you contact us, please ensure that you are not near the vehicle in question and that you are calling from a secure, reliable connection. We will schedule a date and time for a Technician to undertake the job. Vehicle tracking has exploded in the last few years and we are seeing many units fitted in covert style. Operatives are discovering many reasons that people are being tracked for including, but not limited to, matrimonial investigations, asset checking, employee enquiries, media and press intrusions, and business espionage cases.

There is also the possibility that we can visit your vehicle in situ. We would carry out the above checks near to your business or home address. This will incur an extra charge. It is normally undertaken when we are carrying out home or business sweeps, many clients feel happier including their vehicle in with a premises sweep.

Planting a GPS device on a car is extremely easy, any self-respecting eavesdropper will think of placing one on your car.

What you can do: There are many tell-tale signs that your car is being tracked, if you suspect someone is keeping tabs on you via GPS the following areas, noted below, are the ideal spots for hiding GPS devices:

These days technology is made to be very discreet and small. Some trackers can be smaller than a matchbox so you have to be very thorough.