Bug Detection: Is Your Spouse Or Ex Spying On You?

Bug detection may seem like an excessive way of working out whether someone is listening or watching you, but there is no better way to put your mind at ease than counter surveillance. It may (or may not) surprise you to know that one of the main reasons people want their properties searched for bugs is because of jealous ex-lovers or possessive partners. In today's world, surveillance equipment is readily available online, meaning that anyone can be an investigator. And while private investigators have rules and regulations they must follow, jealous ex-partners do not. They may be more willing to overstep the boundaries of privacy and plant a bug.

Why You May Need Counter Surveillance If You Suspect Your Ex-lovers

Many people, across their lives, have had to deal with jealousy in a relationship. However, some have had to deal with the consequences of when that jealousy goes too far. Abuse – both physical and mental – can become a day-to-day experience in these relationships as your partner seeks to control you and your movements. These partners will often try to access your emails and phone messages or interrogate you on your activities. If you are living under these circumstances, or have recently ended a relationship with someone like this, it is not unreasonable to believe they may be trying to use covert equipment to record what you are doing and who you are talking to during the day. If you suspect this, firstly: do not think that you are being ridiculous. If your partner has been exhibiting controlling behaviour, you are not the unreasonable one. The thought of being spied on is a horrible feeling. It's not only morally wrong, but illegal and a breach of your human rights. But this isn't the only reason a spouse may be spying on you. They may suspect you of doing illegal things yourself – such as taking drugs or even stealing their things to sell them. Irrespective of how justified they may believe their actions to be, it's still illegal. By employing the services of electronic surveillance detection or hidden camera detection, you can help put your mind at ease. Apply for a TSCM service when they suspect that a bug has been used to access information about personnel or business activities

Can I Use Bug Detection Devices?

Learning how to use bug detection devices is certainly not something you can do overnight. It requires years of experience. You may think that a basic search is in order, but if someone is listening, or watching, you then this may alert them to you being aware of a bug of some kind being present. The best thing you can do in this situation is to leave your property and contact bug detection experts. Either find a secure phone line that you have no history with, which could be a payphone or a friend's mobile phone; or, if you want to email them, set-up a new email address using a computer in a public library. However, this is only effective if you don't use this email address on your home computer or laptop as both these devices may be compromised with remote access programs. Such software can, effectively, allow someone to see what you do on your computer, so even though you are using a different computer to send the email, it will still show up on your home computer. If they hear or see that you're enquiring about surveillance detection devices, they may get suspicious and remove any evidence of their illegal activities. The best thing you can do is to remain calm, do what you do normally and seek expert advice. However, avoid talking about any information or doing any activities that you believe your partner, or ex-partner, can use against you. Companies, such as Advanced Sweeping, can perform bug sweeps of your property in a discreet, prompt and reasonably priced manner.

For Bug Detection, Look No Further Than Advanced Sweeping

Since 1996, Advanced Sweeping has been operating from South London as counter surveillance experts. Today, they are now incorporating sub-offices around the rest of the UK and the world. Within just a few hours they can reach anywhere in the UK to perform bug detection in your properties. To read more about who we are and what we can do for you, please visit https://sweeping.co.uk/. To get expert advice or book a sweep you can either email us via info@sweeping.co.uk or use our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.