Bug Sweep Devices That An Investigator Might Use

One way to ensure that you choose the right counter surveillance service is to be aware of the tools and equipment they are likely to use. This way you can judge how well prepared they are when they come to your place of work or home. Here are just some of the bug sweep devices you can expect.

During a bug sweep, a number of tools might be used to identify areas where bugs have been placed. The type of tool or device used will depend in part whether it is a camera or a listening device that is being searched for. An RF detector can be used to detect anything that works by utilising radio waves. This is ideal for listening devices, but can also be used to find other devices that are being remotely controlled, including cameras. Most of these types of devices operate at differing bandwidths to ensure that, whatever frequency is being used, the bug can be picked up. An alternative device that might be used for cameras is one that identifies and reacts to the light reflected off of the camera lens. This can be used on even the smallest of cameras, but could be difficult to use in more hard to reach areas. As well as physical devices, the key tools used by investigators are their experience and training. With these two qualities, they build an extensive knowledge of where the bugs are most likely to be hidden to provide the most complete information to the snooper.

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