Business security

After we have discussed your needs, on a secure, reliable method of communication, we will schedule an appointment for our Technicians to visit your requested business premises.

All our business surveys and sweeps are undertaken using the highest specification technology and discretionary tactics.

On site they will utilise spectrum analysers, nonlinear junction detectors, and RF and GSM locating devices, thermal imagery as well as other equipment not listed here on our site.

Please be advised, we work to the highest level of discretion and there is certain information that we will require from you. We need to know how large the areas or buildings are and how many people work within them. Using this information we will be able to provide you with a quote, within a satisfactory timeframe.

We will arrive as per your instructions, to meet with the designated contact.

Our corporate services are available for all clients and we work in many varied sectors including financial and investment, media and sport, new construction and in warehouse and distribution, we will also supplement and provide the same services for any corporate apartments and associated businesses.

The cost for full TSCM surveys and sweeps are variable and depend on a number of varying factors, such as:

  • The assessed threat level and particular requirements.
  • If the IT server or phone servers are to be analysed.
  • The travel time to the job and the likelihood of overnight continuation.
  • The areas and size of the spaces to be checked.
  • The timings of the sweeps are guided by the client as we can operate outside normal working hours, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and on weekend days and nights.
  • The frequency of the checks and inspections allow for more flexibility in cost.

All of our initial quotes are based on a flat rate. By using a flat fee structure we can ensure that there are no hidden fees or extra charges. We understand that businesses have varied financial situations and are required to make careful choices when employing us.

During the sweep our clients normally ask us to prepare a security audit and to include a survey report. We will send to the client after the sweep has been undertaken. Should we feel that any emergency undertakings are needed, our Head Technician will advise you, on-site, at the end of the sweep. We can work covertly or overtly and we are often asked to act as a Wi-Fi auditor or a RF or electrical inspectors.

You may be doing this for peace of mind or a routine that you need to observe for due diligence, we can offer solutions to this by doing periodic checks at systematic and secured times and dates, this reducing overall fees and making things more sheltered long term.

Feel free to peruse our website which will give you a better understanding of our approach and why we are taking the lead in the UK in TSCM.

Please contact us securely on: 0345 0343945, alternatively you can email us here.