Home Warnings

Has my home been bugged and what should I do if I think I have been?

If you believe your home is bugged the first thing to do is to be on the lookout for evidence and think about who and how this could have happened.

Your home may have been burgled but nothing significant was taken? You may not even notice if a door was left open or a window forced. It is not even apparent that someone has been inside your home.

Is it someone you know; your partner, a colleague or a close neighbour? These can be some reasons of why you may be targeted:

  • My partner or spouse believes I am having an affair
  • I am getting divorced
  • Am having a bad neighbouring dispute
  • A friend or lodger is suspicious
  • I have incredible wealth
  • I am well known or I am a celebrity
  • I am the victim of a stalker
  • I have recently made a substantial claim against someone
  • I own a company and I have a responsible or a secretive job
  • I attend confidential interviews or meetings
  • I have an interest in conspiracies and frequently attend meetings and go on certain websites

Try to stay calm and maintain your usual routine.

  • Continue to act like you are unaware of the possible invasion of privacy
  • Pay attention to your home phone during telephone conversations
  • Note any volume changes, unusual static, popping or strange sounds during telephone conversation

Is your mobile warm whilst not in use, is it losing too much charge too often?

  • Listen to the house phone while not on a call
  • Pay attention to unusual sounds coming from your phone even when not on a call. If you can hear such sounds these can be an indicator that your phone may be bugged
  • Check if anything has been moved
  • Check your locks. If they suddenly feel off or stick it is possible they were recently manipulated
  • Bear in mind that gifts can contain devices
  • Common bugged gifts are pagers, pens, toys, briefcases, bags, home stereos, power adapters
  • Check for any interference in the home that was not previously there. Bugging devices emit signals that can interfere with household electronic equipment such as televisions and radios.

What do I do next? Hire a TSCM professional.

A professional agency such as ourselves, will complete a thorough bug sweep of your home which will include areas you will miss and cover all aspects.

Advanced Sweeping is part of the G.I. Group. Fax: 0208 546 6399 Email: info@sweeping.co.uk 1st Floor, 44 Richmond Road, Kingston, Surrey KT2 5EE, United Kingdom.