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Phone hacking and stingray interceptions

We at Advanced sweeping get asked many times how the use of illegal spy monitoring can be used against a person and if particularly their phone can be listed too without them knowing.

how can you tell if your phone is being listened to or hacked for information ?

  1. Do you often see Pop-up ads are appearing constantly on your screen?
  2. Are apps opening and closing randomly on your phone?
  3. Are you seeing outgoing calls that you most definitely did not make?
  4. Do random apps that you never installed appear mysteriously?
  5. Does your battery or your data drain rapidly without you even using them that much?

Realising your phone is compromised quickly is extremely important as:

  1. Someone with access to your phone can easily find sensitive information like your banking details, address, current location and can sell it to other people who have ulterior motives.
  2. All of your activity can be monitored, and you may be blackmailed or extorted.
  3. Popups and malware can slow down your phone and make it cluttered, reducing performance and battery life both in the short and long term.
Counter Surveillance

If you find out your phone has been hacked, do these things immediately:

  1. Change your passwords, use difficult-to-guess ones and use different ones for every account
  2. Use antimalware software to detect and get rid of malware installed on your device
  3. If you find an app that you didn’t install, delete it, even if it doesn’t look suspicious

However, even if you’re extremely vigilant and keep your devices secure, your messages and data might be being intercepted by cell-site simulators, also nicknamed “Stingray” towers. So, what are these so called “stingrays”?

  1. Stingrays are surveillance devices that masquerade as a real cell mast in order for phones to connect to them automatically.
  2. They can monitor every device in their radius, seeing calls, messages and data.
  3. Stingrays are exclusively made for and used by law enforcement, mostly in the US, to find the real-time location of criminals, however they even spy on people who are innocent!
  4. They are very controversial for this reason, as not even the police can say anything about how they work due to NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)


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