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The Basics of a TSCM Sweep and who might want one

Are you concerned that someone is listening in on your conversations or has personal or company information been leaked – you may want to consider a TSCM Sweep (also known as bug sweep) to ensure your property or business have not been compromised.

Advanced Sweeping are industry leaders, using a team of highly trained technicians to ensure your information and privacy is protected.

What are Technical Surveillance Countermeasures?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM Sweep), commonly known as ‘bug sweeping or security sweeping’, involves not only the detailed physical and technical inspection of the work or home environment but also detecting potential areas of vulnerability.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

A TSCM sweep survey can not only detect and locate any illicit devices, it can also identify additional areas where an organisation may be losing information such as through IT, Bluetooth, unencrypted systems and human error.

Who might need a TSCM sweep or electronic sweep?

Businesses who are experiencing higher than average rates of losing tenders, staff loses or information leakage may wish to undergo a security sweep to rule out the possibility of corporate espionage. For a business, a regular TSCM sweep should be part of your ongoing counter-espionage policy, and we offer scheduled repeat visits at a reduced fee.

Individuals who are concerned about in-home privacy often wish to undergo a bug sweep to rule out clandestine devices that may have been planted by a current or former partner, landlord or previous tenant.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Anyone wishing to gain peace of mind that their information and privacy remains safe may wish to undertake a counter surveillance sweep.

Phases of a TSCM Sweep

A TSCM sweep generally involves 4 phases:

  1. Physical Scanning of rooms/spaces for hidden devicesAdvanced Sweeping conducts technical inspections using advanced countermeasure receiver systems. Our team is equipped with frequency catching devices, audio and video detectors, GSM hunters (Mobile phone detector), RF Detectors, Infrared sensors and various other tools. We have identified listening devices hidden fake pot plants, spy cameras installed in wall vents and ceiling voids, just to name a few!
  1. Inspection of electrical devices, telecommunications, wall sockets and IT systems (if agreed) In-depth searches can be undertaken to check for hidden hard-wired listening devices and/or hidden cameras during our TSCM Sweep. We have located devices hidden in smoke detectors, phone handsets and have even identified fake WiFi networks.
  2. Inspection of physical security and access controlSometimes a threat can walk right in through the front door. A visitor may arrive offering a range of plausible excuses – ‘I’m here for the meter reading’ or ‘I’ve been called to fix a computer’. Ensuring implementation of appropriate physical access controls are major consideration in a TSCM sweep. Whether it be in the home or the office, ensuring restricted access to a property or space is essential.
  3. Neutralise and document any ‘bugs’ or vulnerabilities identified If any devices are located, we neutralise these and document any findings using a ‘chain of evidence’ form. This chain of evidence form can be used in legal proceedings that may arise. If required, our team will compile a comprehensive TSCM sweep report on your existing security practices and where necessary, make recommendations to enhance your level of security (additional fee for sweep report).

Advanced Sweeping treat every enquiry with the utmost confidentiality, so if you would like to know more about Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, please get in touch for a discreet informal discussion with a member of our TSCM Specialist team on +44 (0)3450 343 945.


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