Who are we

Our personnel have been handpicked for their expertise and guile. They each have many years’ experience, working with ease in challenging situations. They are ready and able to reach all areas of the UK mainland, often within a matter of hours.

Our team is skilled and capable of providing full electronic and physical sweeps, to determine and detect electronic devices, bugs, hidden cameras and tracking devices.

We work in all new aspects of bugging and tracking. Using TSCM equipment ranging from; nonlinear junction detectors, thermal heat imagery to powerful spectrum analysis in built up areas. We are also very capable and experienced in burst encryption, covert video transmission, infra-red devices and frequency hopping, cell and sim phone discovery and much more.

The team comprise of electronic, mechanical and acoustic engineers.

Our personnel represent hundreds of hours of sweep investigation experience resulting in the right results every time. Rest assured our team will conduct visual, physical and electronic searches and if security problems are found our team can gather the evidence in a way that our client can make legal representation, in order to pursue action against any involved and identified party.

We operate across the UK and overseas, including parts of Asia and North and South America. We use the same equipment and highly skilled operatives whether we are called to a 1 bedroom studio apartment or a stately home or even a multinational business. We work in many different situations, and in many fields, ranging from retail and manufacturing industries to dignitaries and VIP’s, special visitors and celebrities.

Discretion is obviously prerequisite in our relationship with all of our clients. Usually a Case Manager will be designated to mediate between the team’s involvement, and the main contact for the checks we undertake. Please feel free to call us today for a chat on any concern you may have, as we are a friendly team and will be more than happy to help or offer some advice.