Welcome to our website, we are Advanced Sweeping and have been working in the technical surveillance industry since 1996.
We work to give ultimate assurance to both individuals at home and businesses who may have security and information concerns.


Realistic Pricing & Terms
Operatives Available on Short Notice
Advanced Awareness of all New Threats
Working Day & Night Covertly or Overtly
Full Security Reports Available After Sweeps
Experienced Operatives

What our clients say

My experience of using you guys was excellent, you did a very good job. You were very reassuring and informed.

Jean B. Norfolk

We have through AS work located 2 gsm bugs placed in my office and know we have a very good idea whom that can be, thank you.

GM , Birmingham area

We were very impressed with Advanced methods and response to us, and we are very grateful For their professionalism shown.

TR , Greater London

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