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Our personnel have been hand picked for the guile and experience working in challenging situations and are ready and able to reach all placements within the UK normally within a matter of hours, skilled and capable of providing electronic and physical sweeps to determine and detect electronic devices, bugs, hidden cameras and tracking devices.

We are also very capable and experienced in burst encryption, video transmission, infra red devices and frequency hopping devices 2G & 3G cell phones and much more.

All of our specialists are highly trained and offer high awareness of espionage and information collection techniques to excel in their expertise in detection, the team comprise of electronic, mechanical and acoustic engineers.

Our personnel represent hundreds of hours of sweep investigation experience resulting in the right results every time, rest assured our investigators will conduct a visual physical and electronic search if security problems are found our team can gather the evidence in a way that our client can make legal representation and pursue action against any involved party.

We operate all over the UK and overseas including Asia and North and South America.

Working with many different fields and situations from the retail and manufacturing industries to the VIP’s and celebrities.

Discretion is obviously prerequisite in our relationship with our client and normally a case manger will be designated to mediate between the team’s involvements.


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My experience of using you guys was excellent, you did a very thorough job , you were very reassuring and kept me fully informed, my ex partner had made my life hell and all my previous conversations at my old home I know were being recorded, the two workers you sent to me were very […]

Jean B. Norfolk

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We have through AV’s work located 2 Gsm bug’s placed in my office and we have a good idea whom place them there, with your help we are now fully aware and nothing is troubling us any more, thank you again and you will have my business for a long time to come.

GM , Birmingham area

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I have been using Advanced since 2003. And we chose them originally because they offered clarity, affordability and were very discreet, since having them here they have proved to be very effective in their work and I have been very impressed with the services and support we get and we now have them come to […]

Michael: City offices London

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