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The success in undertaking professional TSCM business sweeps and surveys

Often we are asked what is involved in a TSCM survey for a business and we highlight here some of the main areas. We know we are offering great value and benefits to our one off and regular clients.

What would be listed in the report we are asked? What will you do onsite?  

Firstly we discuss the requirements on a safe line or area and we understand and work with the client to establish their needs and whether the role is a peace of mind one (POM), an existing threat or if there is a clear sign or evidence of a problem.

Once we have agreed upon whether we are attending on a one off basis, returning or the threat level has increased, we will communicate and issue an appointment agreement and then establish some basics stats on the job.


Before we arrive at the business we will confirm with the client whether we are working in a covert or overt manner to help the situation. Normally we are asked to behave covertly thus not alerting anyone to our presence.

If we are undertaking a normal POM enquiry we would not been undertaking pen tests or social engineering before attending. If attending a repeat visit we would bring with us plans and indications from the previous visit/s. We would also be holding spectrum reference files reordered from our Spectrum Analyser that will not pre-record RF frequencies. The team will look over the perimeter of the job and walk through the areas. Talk is very much restricted and base reference files will be collected by our spectrum team which will be undertaken in several areas and overlapped on the systems to give us readings in different parts of the building.

Any vehicles or mobile phones will be checked if the client has requested this. Further GSM analysis will be taken and at that stage all mobile phones will be requested to be turned off. The physicality and initial searches will commence with specific checklists and areas known to us in concealing devices.


The inspection list of searches will normally include the checks below. These will be listed in the report we prepare after the sweep.  

  • Optical inspections
  • Physical inspections
  • Radio Frequencies inspections
  • GSM detection inspections
  • Nonlinear inspections
  • Spectrum Analysis checks
  • Acoustic checks


Some of the areas we discuss whilst on site and during the checks and then we list in full our advice and recommendations in the report issued after the sweep has taken place. Some of these are listed here.

  • Visitors, their arrivals and movements
  • Policies of staff and particularly in office undertakings such as shredding, bins and smoking areas
  • IT Security – link and attachments opening
  • Accessing information and dealing with general phone enquires
  • Wi-Fi, guests and Bluetooth accessibility.
  • Meetings and discussions in and around the business
  • Meeting rooms and the good habits to get in to
  • Areas and accessibility to certain staff members

Our team will discuss some of the processes we undertake and advise our point of contact that we normally use invisible markings, seals and mark up vents, sockets and switches and areas that are often used in the placing of clandestine devices.

Advanced Sweeping Technical Surveillance Countermeasure - London

The team can demonstrate and display devices found or used in areas that we have worked in before and we often take with us imagery of all new devices on the market as we are fully aware of these and their frequencies when they are newly released to the usual sources.

Visual evidence will be provided in areas we deem necessary and we will undertake many ceiling and vent searches and cable chasing to determine if a rogue cable has been planted in a key area.

Particular emphasis is on the security of the company and the meeting rooms, doors and access points.  


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